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You've found SOCTKD! A Martial Arts School Unlike Any Other!

Only SOCTKD has Master Miller

Master Miller is a 7th  degree black belt in TaeKwon-Do and has personally trained with General Choi, the inventor of the original art of TaeKwon-Do. He also holds a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and has trained in several other disciplines. He has 40 years experience in martial arts and personal protection.  Most  importantly, he's excellent with teaching all ages and works with all belt levels at the school. He loves what he does and makes sure learning is fun and safe. He's patient, funny, encouraging and humble. Most of all, he's a great teacher and mentor. You will learn the skills correctly and thoroughly and your belt from SOCTKD will have true value and meaning. Master Miller's unique philosophy blends the classic art form with today's American values, making the school truly "one of a kind."  (Written by one of our students.)


Custom, Personalized Training

No matter your age, fitness level or experience, your training will be customized to you to help you grow in your skill safely. You'll also appreciate the personalized attention and flexible class schedule to fit today's busy lifestyles.

Variety of Classes - Including The Class You're Looking For!

We have everything from Family Classes to Black Belts Only Classes, from Little Dragons, (ages 4-6), to classes for Adult Beginners. 


One of a Kind Learning Environment

Clean, state of the art facility. Safe, respectful, encouraging environment. Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable staff. Very family friendly and conservative atmosphere. There are many reasons students train here at SOCTKD. Come discover your own reasons!  



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Welcome to the area's premier martial arts training school for over 25 years!  

Come and experience what sets us apart. Find out why many students prefer to join SOCTKD!

What Adult Students Can Expect



  • You'll learn personal protection and a fascinating art form
  • Your overall fitness will improve
  • You'll gain confidence, skill and strength
  • You'll have better flexibility, balance, coordination and even memory 
  • You'll have reduced stress, better sleep and wake up more limber.

And, if you join SOCTKD, you'll make new friends, have a blast and never regret it!

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What Our Students Say


"When I first heard about it, I wasn't really interested but when I started trying it out, I couldn't stop!" Sam (14)

"The trainers are really encouraging and friendly." Stephen (16)

"I drive over 15 miles each way to train with Master Miller. It's an incredible honor and opportunity that I just couldn't pass up."  Paul (50+)

"Everyone thinks it won't happen to them but now I don't have to worry if I have to defend myself or anything." Sammy (14)


NOW is the time to visit the School!

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